Nurture Your Soul Retreat in St. Martin

Nurture Your Soul Retreat in St. Martin

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In only 7 sessions and less than 30 hours, not only you harmonize your emotional, mental, and spiritual energies, but you also discover how to:

  • Utilize different energy centers to heal yourself
  • Recognize your dramas and break-free from your pain body
  • Use emotional purification technique to balance your emotions
  • Improve your relationship to get the love you want
  • Communicate in a non-violent way to express yourself freely
  • Forgive yourself and loved ones, and live in the NOW

Yoga postures, Tibetan breathing techniques, deep relaxation methods will be combined with ancient wisdom and modern day scientific knowledge, in the form of Healing Circle lectures. Participants will receive all course materials and individualized daily practice techniques to achieve deep-rooted transformation. There will be private two follow-up sessions with Billur, either in person or on Skype or during future retreats. Love it or Money Back Guarantee!

>> Once registered, cancellation is not possible but the fee transferable to future retreats.
>> Group discounts available for five or more Voyagers of Love. Consult Billur for details.
>> Private one-to-one retreat available. Consult Billur for details.


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